Choose Sleep Over Coffee
Posted On 10th March 2017

Choose Sleep Over Coffee

Daytime always seems short when we have tons of assignments to complete, urgent deadlines to meet, or just having oh-so-many responsibilities. Majority of us tend to get help from our attractive friend, coffee, to help us get through late nights and save us from lagging behind, or worse, fired.

But wait! Before you think of getting yourself a nice cup of coffee from your favourite branded coffee place, $1 plus kopi from your neighbourhood coffee shop, or a quick 3-in-1 fix, let’s think again. DO YOU REALLY NEED IT?



I need. I love. I LIVE for coffee.




For many people, especially working adults, the answer is most definite. No need to think one. Confirm yes. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I agree - coffee smells AMAZING, and cold coffee tastes the best to me! I used to detest coffee because my first and only coffee I tasted back then was bitter, and it was also the one my dad enjoys drinking (I never understood why).

I thought all coffee tasted awful UNTIL I drank a can of Nescafé given during one of the polytechnic open houses when I was a teenager. IT GAVE COFFEE A NEW MEANING. They say that you’d appreciate coffee when you become an adult. Right when I actually enjoyed that canned coffee; it did feel like I leveled up a little.


Oh my gosh. I’m an adult now!




Of course it doesn’t work that way, haha. I can rave on about my coffee experiences, but my point isn’t to get you craving for coffee (although I might already have, heehee)! Coffee is great, but if you’re thinking of eating into your beauty sleep, choose sleep over coffee. 

I’ve had my fair share of rushing projects through the night and as much as it seems like you gained extra time to work, your body won’t thank you. In fact, when I have insufficient sleep, I feel a lot weaker, slower, and find myself not being able to concentrate.

Here are 4 reasons why your body will appreciate a good night’s rest!



You snooze you lose? No. With at least 7-8 hours of sleep, you’re bound to feel more alive than with merely 3 hours of sleep. When your mind is alert, you’re able to think with clarity as well as process your thoughts and speech better. It also boosts your memory, which means cramping in last minute information and sleeping in super late isn’t the best thing to do to ace tomorrow’s presentation (I was guilty of that).

With proper time management, and less procrastination, you might just be able to get that much needed rest and be well prepared to face a brand new day! It’s a win-win.



 The quality and quantity of sleep we have adversely affects our physical, emotional and mental state of health. That practically means every part of us! Only during sleep can our body repair itself from UV rays and other harmful exposure. Don’t you want beautiful healthier skin?

The growth hormone your body produces also heals cells and tissues during your sleep. Lack of sleep impacts your appetite too - you’d find yourself searching for your spicy hot ramen and milk tea cravings, but your metabolism will be slow. Basically, your body function will improve once you get enough quality sleep!



Prevention is better than cure, right? The time to start is now! Having a healthy body reduces the risk of negative health problems such as migraines and other headaches, inflammation, or more seriously cancer, heart disease and stroke.


Sleep deficiency offers nothing but stress to your body because it needs to work a lot harder. It affects the chemical in our body, named serotonin, which helps regulate our mood, which explains why we feel grumpy without sufficient sleep. I love my bed. I love being able to sleep in when I can. It feels extremely good when I know I got my rest, and it’s feels like I have a longer “battery life” to last throughout the day in tip top shape!

With that said, I believe I’ll still stay up sometimes, HAHAHA. Most of us have choice to sleep early, but we don’t. For instance, even when I finished my daily tasks, I do find myself falling into the unending hole of Youtube binging, and for many of us it can be American series, Korean dramas, Anime and even movies yes yes? Everything just seems more interesting than sleeping. Everything. 

At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves. Don’t just sleep well – eat well and live well too! You are important, so be kind to yourself! In our daily hustle and bustle, to be able to be well rested is a blessing, so get ample sleep, and benefits will reap.


With love, Janel