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25 March 2017

Worry Less, Limit Stress

As we grow older, it seems like the increasing amount of responsibilities also adds to our stress. With all the bills to pay and mouths to feed, there’s only so much we can handle. We know the meaning of what stress is, and what it’s like to be stressed, but do we know how to handle stress?

It’s normal to feel stressed, but don’t let it eat you up! Let me share with you 7 ways that can help you feel better.


1 . Be aware of how you’re feeling

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Observe how your body reacts to your situation, and listen to what you are telling yourself. Are you feeling tensed up? Are you feeding yourself with negative thoughts? Once you identified and accepted that something is wrong, you can now focus on adopting another perspective or positive mindset to make sure you don’t repeat having the same lousy feelings!

TIP: Keep a journal so you can note your regular stressors and reflect on how to cope better.


2 . Ditch unhealthy strategies

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Harmful stress-relievers such as smoking and drinking work as short-term alternatives to relieving your worries and might even serve as a good chance to interact and network, but they have long-term negative effects on our health.


3 . Adopt good lifestyle habits

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Before you think of grabbing some icecream, chocolate or that bag of Lays’ chips for your “main course” meal, try getting a warm plate of rice with some meat and vegetables. Fruits and nuts also make good snacks to curb your stress-induced hunger.

Instead of caffeinate, carbonated or sweetened drinks; opt to drink tea. Green tea and chamomile tea are hot favourites and they have health benefits! However, the best go-to would be water, because it’s both readily available and beneficial for us.

Exercising also helps us keep fit and gives our mind a break, so be sure to exercise when you can. It can be as simple as walking up a short flight of stairs!


4 . Set aside time to do things you enjoy doing

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They say to find 3 hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative. Sing, dance, paint, serve others and you’ll see that there is more meaning to life than worrying about your burdens.


5 . Learn how to manage stress

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It’s extremely important to find out what can help you feel better and do what helps for you! For some it may be talking it out, playing a sport, or even having some ‘me’ time. Having an awesome playlist can elevate your mood too!


6 . Manage your time wisely


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Plan ahead of things so you won’t have to rush and worry later on. If you have a major task, breaking it down into smaller parts would aid your focus and enhance your efficiency. Ask for help if you need some! You’d be surprise people are willing to help.


7 . Be kind to yourself

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After all that hard work, please take a break. Driving on low would only slow us down, so recharge and get the rest you need!

One thing I learnt is that what you tell yourself matters a whole lot. When you feel down, you can think back on your accomplishments and assure yourself with positive pep talk. Others can choose to bring you down, but you can choose whether to let them. Treat yourself better.


The first step of stress management is taking charge of your life. While some circumstances are uncalled for, you have the ability to decide how you want to live your life, control how you feel and think, and manage your approach to handling problems.

Remember, there is no one size fits all for stress management. It takes time to explore different ways that can improve the way we deal with stress and discover which methods work best for you. I hope this helps you a little at least. Wishing you lots of happiness, and a good weekend ahead!


With love, Janel

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