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Reward Points

Frequently Asked Questions


How many points/rewards do I have?

To check your balance, login to your account online to see your points or rewards whenever you like. If you do not have an account with us, you may register an account with us on www.thestagewalk.com 

What is the minimum purchase amount to redeem TSW points?

You’re eligible to redeem TSW points once you have spent a minimum purchase of $30 per order (excluding sales item). Minimum usage is 250 points (equivalent to SGD 5).

When can I start earning points?

You’re eligible to begin earning points the moment you have an account with us. Simply login to our online store before you start to shop to earn points.

How do I earn points?

You will earn 1 point for every SGD 1.00 you spend at our online store. You can earn points by placing orders on our site, sharing of your outfit of the day through social media platforms, sharing of Facebook and many more! 

Can I earn points on gift card purchases?

Yes, points will be awarded accordingly to the purchaser.

How can you earn points by telling us why you love TSW apparels on social media platforms?

You can earn points by sharing our products on your personal blog or dayre. Do note that we require at least 2-3 sentences write up on each product to be eligible for the points awarded. Each order entitled you to one review up to 10 times per year.Once the entry has been posted online, do send us an email (marketing@thestagewalk.com) which includes the direct link of the post. You will be notify by an email once your entry has been approved and when points are awarded to your account.                

How many times can you share on social media?

You can share your outfit of the day on social media or weekly Facebook preview album as many times as you like. However, we will be offering the points for the first 10 times you share per year.

Once the entry has been posted online, do send us an email (marketing@thestagewalk.com) which includes the direct link of the post. You will be notify by an email once your entry has been approved and when points are awarded to your account.

How does the yearly bonus points work?

You will earn 50 points when you make at least one purchase within past 365 days. The effective start date will be 1st of November 2016. We will send you an email once the points are added to your account for your tracking purpose.

Do points ever expire?

Yes, your points expire 3 months from the day they were earned. So, seize the moment! For redemption of points, you can redeem every $5 per order.

When I return my purchase, what happens to the points I earned?

When you return the item to exchange for store credits, the points you earned from your purchase will be forfeited.

Can i earn points when i use store credits on my order?

The points are calculated based on the net purchases on your order. Store credits are not eligible for points.

Can I earn points when I purchase sales items?

Points are only awarded for regular price items only.

Can I earn points when I used my rewards (e.g. $5) to pay for my purchase?

Points are only awarded for net purchases after rewards.

Can you extent my expired points or rewards?

No. There is no extension of expiry dates. We will send you monthly points statement so that you will not overlook the points redemption deadlines.

When will I see my points in my account?

You should see the points you’ve earned in the points section of your account online once we have despatched out your parcel. Just a note: Points will be earned when the order is despatched out, not when the order is placed. 

Where can I use my rewards?

You can use your rewards on qualifying purchases at www.thestagewalk.com

Can i use my points and discount code for purchase?

You are not able to redeem points reward in conjunction with any promotion or discount.

Can i redeem all my points?

You can use or redeem your reward up to 20% of your order total. e.g if you have $20 worth of rewards and your current order total is $75, you may only redeem up to $15 of your reward and the remaining can be use for your next purchase.

When is my reward available to redeem?

You may login to your account to check if the points earned is sufficient for redemption. Rewards will automatically deduct in your purchase.

Can I gift my reward to someone else for use?

Sorry, rewards are non-transferable.

What happens if the price of the product is less than my reward?

You can still use your reward but any balance is forfeited.