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Reward Points

How many TSWpoints do I have?

Login to your TSW account on our homepage to check your TSWpoints balance. If you do not have an account with us, you can simply register an account with us by clicking on the account logo on top right of our homepage and create a username and password, along with a valid e-mail address.

What is the minimum purchase amount to redeem TSWpoints?
You’re eligible to earn TSWpoints once you have spent a minimum of SGD$30 per order (excluding sales item).

What is the minimum amount of TSWpoints I can use?
Minimum usage of TSWpoints to offset order payments is 250 TSWpoints (equivalent to SGD$5). Points are redeemable only by multiples of SGD$5.

Can i redeem all my TSWpoints?
You can use your TSWpoints to only up to 20% of your total payment. E.g if you have SGD$20 worth of TSWpoints and your currently order is SGD$90, after calculating 20% of your total order, you would have SGD$18 eligible to offset with TSWpoints, however, you can only redeem up to SGD$15 due to the capped minimum of SGD$5 redeemable with TSWpoints.

Where can I use my TSWpoints?
TSW points awarded can only be used for online purchases of regular-priced items.

When can I start earning TSWpoints?
You’re eligible to begin earning TSWpoints the moment you have an account with us. Simply login to your TSW account before you start to shop to earn TSWpoints.

How do I earn TSWpoints?
For every SGD$1 you spend, you earn 1 TSWpoints (with min. SGD$30 spent per order). You can earn TSWpoints by simply placing orders online. You can also earn TSWpoints through in-store purchases, simply provide either your e-mail address or mobile number to our retail staff for us to process the rewards from your in-store purchases into your TSW account. Do note that TSWpoints earned can only be used for online purchases.
You can also earn TSWpoints by sharing your TSW ootds with us on Instagram and Facebook. For every outfit you post, you earn 50 TSWpoints. Do refer to our rewards chart for other ways you can earn TSWpoints.

Can I earn TSWpoints on gift card purchases?
Yes! TSWpoints will be awarded with the same rewards rules like normal purchases.

Is there a limit to how many times I can share my OOTDs on social media to earn TSWpoints?
You can share your TSW OOTDs as many times as you like, however, we only reward TSWpoints based on the number of different outfits posted, thus numerous entries of the same outfit will only be rewarded 50 TSWpoints. Do remember to send us an email via with the direct link to your entry once it is posted online, so that your TSWpoints will be reviewed and processed. Entries posted without an e-mail notification sent to us will not be entitled to rewards. You will be notified by e-mail once your entry has been approved and we have updated your TSWpoints balance in your TSW account.
Do remember to #TSWsunshines and tag us @thestagewalk for us to see your entry as well!

How does the yearly bonus points work?
You will earn 50 TSWpoints when you make at least one purchase within the past 365 days. You will receive an e-mail once the TSWpoints are added to your account for your tracking purposes.

Do TSWpoints ever expire?
Yes, your TSWpoints will expire 3 months from the day they were earned.

Can you extent my expired TSWpoints?
We are unable to extend expiry dates, we will however, send you monthly TSWpoint statements as a reminder to redeem your collected TSWpoints before the deadlines.

When I return my purchase, what happens to the TSWpoints I earned?
When your item(s) are successfully returned back to us, the TSWpoints rewarded for the returned item(s) will be automatically forfeited.

Can i earn TSWpoints when i use store credits on my order?
Store credits are not eligible for rewards due to TSWpoints being calculated based on net purchases.           

Can I earn TSWpoints when I purchase sales items?
Unfortunately, TSWpoints are only awarded to regular-priced items.

Can I earn TSWpoints when I used my current rewards (e.g. $5) to pay for my purchases?
Yes, you still can earn TSWpoints only when your net purchase after using TSWpoints is above SGD$30. TSWpoints are only awarded for net purchases, hence the TSWpoints used to offset the total payment will not be calculated for the rewards.

When will I see my TSWpoints in my account?
You should see your TSWpoints you have earned in the rewards section of your TSW account only when we have despatched out your parcel and not immdiately after you have placed your order.

Can i use my TSWpoints together with discount codes?
Unfortunately, TSWpoints cannot be used in conjunction with any promotion or discounts. However, TSWpoints can still be earned as per normal only if regular-priced items after deduction from discount codes still hit a min. SGD$30.

When are my rewards available to redeem?
You may login to your account to check if the TSWpoints earned is sufficient for redemption. Rewards will automatically deduct in your purchase.

Can I gift my TSWpooints to someone else for use?
Unfortunately, TSWpoints earned are non-transferable.

What happens if the price of the product is less than my TSWpoints?
You can still use your reward but any balance is forfeited.